Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presley Goes Hollywood Layout by Judy Stark

                    Presley Goes Hollywood Layout by Judy Stark

  Presley and her Mom flew from Orlando to L.A. last month and between us, Presley was better traveling than her Mom, Kimberly!  They had turbulants on the return flight that were quite intense at times. My daughter Kimberly spent her time instant messaging me "When is this going to end? Am I going to die?? etc. Presley proceded to put her hands up in the air as she would on a roller coaster saying ,"Whoa.. that was rocky!!." So, some of the other passengers decided to do as Presley while Kimberly fell to pieces!

On to my layout....  I wanted this to be a fun type layout and decided to design my own background paper first.  After printing it, I was ready to put my Bosskut Gazelle to work. I used the lattice frame and cut those to size. I also cut the card band file. I then designed the titles in my Funtime program and print and cut those.  I imported my jpg of the LaLaLand Traveling Marci into my Funtime and used the personal path method to import Presley's luggage pattern onto the stamp.

To finish up, I added ribbons, some glitter and stamped.  I feel I kept this fun and as you can see, Presley decided she was a Rock Star and Movie Star!!

Judy Stark-


  1. That is one pretty young lady....and that hair! Great layout :) so fun~

    1. Thank you Kenya. She is special! :)

    2. aww, Love it :)