Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plays , Purses & Presley

Picture above is my daughter Kimberly with my Grand-children Cash & Presley.  They had just attended a play at a local theater.
3 days earlier: 
The kids came to visit for a few hours and Presley is excited she is going to see the play, "Wizard of Oz."  Miss Presley is all about "Accessorizing" her outfits.  While visiting, she tells me she wished she had a new purse and could I make her one.  SO honored she wanted her Grandma to make it and jumped right on it.  She sweetly reminds me she needs extra glitz!  Below are pictures of her new purses I made.
Did you notice in the family photo above, NO PURSE!  She forgot it!
I believe these are svgcuts designer purse collection design.  This is exactly why I design and scrapbook! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I will be adding more files this week on my store site on Etsy . 
Judy Tesla Stark



Holiday Cutting and Hello to 2015

  Belated New Year wishes!  No New Year resolutions for me in 2015, as I plan to enjoy each moment that comes my way. 

  Above is a new file I designed, " Holiday in a Box Card."  Very easy to put together.  I did a lot of projects through the holidays this year.  Pictures below.  Most of these are designed by svgcuts and I really enjoyed making these. 

I made these svgcuts gift boxes for nearly pennies.  My husband is one of those weekend garage sales guy and purchased about 3 dozen ornaments for 1 dollar!!!! 

So I added vinyl and/or rhinestones/glitter to dress them up and they were good to go.

My husband Pete collects costume jewelry for me all year and if you look carefully at the rosette, you will see the Christmas pin I added.

So get out your holiday costume jewelry and repurpose it!! 
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Judy Tesla Stark