Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card by Judy Stark

Another birthday to celebrate in our family and another card to make.  With my large family, I have to have extra's ready or I end up buying them instead.  So... time to replenish a few to have on hand.  

The birthday card was finished within 30 minutes and very easy & basic to do.  
I cut a few print n cuts, standard card pattern, border and a new file at  (Below)  I used the doily file from the set. 
 D-Light Doily Flower Set 

The jpeg file is by designer Kristi W.  Who doesn't love a cute little puppy?
The D-Light Doily file was designed by me.   The inside of my card was printed by using my Funtime Software and printer.   


Quick, fun & a card I am proud of!!  

Judy Tesla Stark

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