Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Presley's "Princess Box"

Every little girl needs a special Princess box to put her princess items into.  I made this using a round wooden hat box I had just sitting on a shelf.  Other items used were lace, beads, rhinestones, mirror, glitter paper and cardstock. 

                       The Princess frame title pattern is available at    I then added some rhinestones and adhesive pearls to the design. I attached the mirror material to the inside of the frame.  Next, I cut a circle to cover the lid to my box.  After my title was complete, I went on to decorating the bottom part of the box. 

I used my Sookwang double adhesive tape to help place the lace in place.  Using my glue gun, I attached the strings of beads which I had precut into sections of 12 beads.  I glued these to the lace, then went back and added glue to the folds of my lace.  Repurposed box now completed!
I had a Tiara for Presley and put it into her box and she was so thrilled when I gave it to her.  Over the years, I have collected vintage jewelry and have quite a lot of flashy jewelry she can add to her box.  Wouldn't it be great if she passed this down to her own little Princess one day?
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry & Bright Card by Lori m

                                     This card was made by using  Swirly Holiday Tree design.  Lori m. cut this design and added rhinestones for that extra holiday effect. We love sparkle & glitter!! Adding the yarn was a great idea!  Thank you Lori for sharing this with us.  Check out the new releases at

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burnished Glitter Technique Presley's Way

Meet my youngest Grand-Daughter Presley, an energetic 4 year old.  Last night was quality one on one time with her and the evening of crafting together was well I thought.  I had several cut outs, print-n-cuts ready and I thought we would make cards and decorate gift boxes.  Sounds like fun to me!  Well.... this idea went over like a lead balloon and she had ONE thing on her mind:        GLITTER.  LOTS OF GLITTER! 

 I decided to add Sookwang 2 way tape as I don't like Presley using glue yet.  I covered 80% of my 12x12 Bazzil paper.  Sookwang tape can be a problem cutting as it has a pretty thick covering. 

We are now ready for the glitter.   I lined up her glitter bottles and went through the routine of explaining you gently tap the glitter needed and rub it softly onto the tape.  Just who am I kidding?
Presley says," Grandma, we need extra glitter so it will sparkle more and be so beautiful."  And her tap technique was the whole bottle!  She says you don't leave out pieces this way...hmm she might have something there?
Yes, that is a 1.5 inch snowflake under that glitter.  She enjoyed the rubbing gently part of the process.  Yes, I did pour all back into the jars/bottles for next time. 
Presley's Burnished Glitter Technique directions:
Cut designs with 2 way adhesive tape applied to paper.
Use whole bottle of glitter for extra shine!
Rub glitter gently for minutes :)  
Keep smiling at Grandma

            This picture says it all.  We have made more memories!  

                     Judy Stark -   - Check out our new releases 


Friday, December 6, 2013

Peace, Joy & Love Card by Lori m

Lori m. used the  Pinecone with Branch file as a print n Cut for these adorable holiday cards. 
Lori m. added the Scrapcuts Fence file for this card.  Great idea Lori! 
The rush is on to complete our Holiday "to do" list and  print n cuts sure help in saving some time!  You can purchase one of our cut files and import into your software such as Funtime or Scal and make it into a Print n Cut file.  (after converting to an image)  Check out our new releases
Check out Lori's Blog for more ideas!  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Scrapcuts Print-n-Cut Snowman cards by Lori m.

Lori m. from Reflections from Granny has used some of our new releases for her card giving this season. Thank you Lori!  Lori used the Teddy with Snowman PnC for the card above.  Available at Scrapcuts by Judy
Print-n-Cut set includes: SVG file, WPC file & PDF.  Ready to print and cut with your cutter or scissors!  All of the work has been done for you. Original Graphics by Prints of Joy. Scrapcuts by Judy is a Licensed Reseller by Prints of Joy

For this card, the Snowman with Broom and Snowman with Penguin files were used.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Wreath with Stand

Just released at  The Holiday Wreath with Stand is a digital cutting file for electronic cutters. 
The download contains a  SVG, WPC, GSD, AI, Vector PDF file and a JPG for reference .  Immediate download after purchase.

   I love the holidays and decorating for the occasion.  I also love the added effects of lighting during this time.  I made a couple of these wreaths to place around my home.  I am using a battery power T-light with the one pictured above.  You could also use the stand to display a card, and wreath as a card front or embellishment.  Also a great file for a centerpiece!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scrapcuts by Judy - New Releases

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. You can create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. All products sold are digital cutting files for electronic cutters  No refunds. Each product will contain a  SVG, WPC, GSD, AI, Vector PDF file and a JPG for reference only.

Check back often as we will be adding files continuously. Enjoy!


 Check out the new releases at

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making your own Cardboard Embellishments

  Time to get our holiday cards,tags, gifts and scrapbook layouts ready!!  Yes, it is that time of year again already.  One of the things I do yearly to get a start, is make cardboard embellishments of some of my holiday favorite designs.  Great to have on hand for a quick "need to have one" project.  Project is very easy and quick to complete.

Supplies:     Photo paper
                 2 way adhesive tape


First;  I printed my Print n Cut on glossy photo paper. 

I then added my Sookwang double adhesive tape to the back of the photo paper. Leave the backing on until you are ready to apply to chipboard. 

You are now ready to cut with your machine and software program. 

After cutting your photo paper with your designs, you will now cut your chipboard outlines.  I used .030 chipboard and cut it oh, so easy!   The photo above shows on the top row:  Completed Print n Cuts with tape on the back of each one.   Bottom row:  Chipboard outline cuts.
Now you will peel the tape backing off and attach to your chipboard accordingly.  DONE! SIMPLE! 
Below are a few more of my designs I made.
  You can use your regular cardstock/printing paper for the prints but I really like the extra finish using the photo paper.  Using the chipboard adds dimension to your cuts.
  Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my Blog!  New designs being released this week, so please check back! 
Judy Stark -  Scrapcuts by Judy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter Scene by Jamie Gillahan

Software: Funtime Scrapbooking
Files Used: String of Lights by Judy Stark
Materials: Card stock, embroidery thread, Glossy Accents, Mod Podge, fine glitter

For this project, I started out by following Terri Mouw's video on how to convert any digital coloring book page to a piecing or print & cut file.  I found a great site with some beautiful Christmas coloring pages and printed the page in the recommended PDF format.  Or you could right click on the image and save image as a PNG to your computer.  Either way, Funtime can import the image to create a cut file.  I just LOVE the fact that Funtime can import all sorts of file types including SVG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF, images (JPG, BMP . . . ), and several others!!

Then I imported the Christmas House Coloring Page and used the auto vector to create the cut file.  I changed the color of the lines so that when it came to cutting out specific colors I was only cutting out the shapes that I needed in each color.

Since this was a larger image, I duplicated the whole image and changed the pen style to the kiss cut.  I made sure to leave my outer most rectangle as the regular cut.  Doing this allows me to cut out the rectangle (in this case) and then leave the pattern to follow while I'm piecing my page together!  

Once all my pieces were cut out, I glued them onto my background.  I then mixed a small amount of some fine glitter with Mod Podge and "painted" it on to the snow.  It's just something to see freshly fallen snow when the sun is shinning that simply amazes me!!

Using green embroidery thread, I outlined the house where I wanted to string the Christmas lights.  Then using the individual lights from the String of Lights by Judy Stark I cut some out and applied them to the string.  To give the light bulbs more dimension I added some Glossy Accent Tones.  How big are the light bulbs you ask?  Each one measures 0.139 by 0.217. 

I wrapped a jump ring (usually used with making jewelry) with green embroidery thread for the wreath on the door.

I originally made this with the thought of if being a card but as I put more into it I've decided to frame it.  I had so much fun with this simple paper piecing that I'm already on the hunt for more coloring book pages that I can create with!!

Thanks for looking!!
Jamie Gillahan

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lil' Princess Tee Shirt by Jamie Gillahan

Software: Funtime Files Used: Butterfly with Flourishes   Princess Hand Mirror by Judy Stark
Materials: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Light Pink Rhinestones

I recently made a Service Flag tee shirt for my Mom and my daughter saw it.  That was the end of that, now she wanted me to make a shirt for her as well! 

For her, I decided to add a little more Princess to it.  It was something that I thought that she would appreciate A LOT more.  :o)  I started by finding the perfect sentiment worked in Funtime to get the layout just right.
I used the Funtime font, Impress BT Regular, for the majority of the sentiment.  "HERO" I used the true type font Army and for "Lil' Princess" I used the true type font CAC Champagne.
With Funtime, it made it so easy to add an outline to "Lil' Princess" so that I could incorporate my daughter's favorite colors.
I ironed on everything at once but the top layer of "Lil' Princess."  Once everything cooled a bit, I added the top layer of "Lil' Princess."  I love how easy it is to use more than one color of heat set vinyl and how well you can layer colors.  
With everything in place, I needed to add a little bling to the crown.  Using light pink rhinestones, I set them on the crown and using the already warm iron, I set them.

Overall I'm very happy with how this shirt turned out but I think that if I were to make another one I would use a lighter purple vinyl for the majority of the sentiment
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Jamie Gillahan

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Teapot Card and Tea Bag Gift Box- Jamie Gillahan

Software: Funtime Scrapbooking
Files Used: Pumpkin Teapot by Judy Stark  Presleys Curls by Judy Stark
Materials: Cardstock, pearl brads, ribbon

For the card I started by cutting out the layers and rounding out the edges in Funtime.  I didn't want to take away from the adorable teapot, so I kept it simple. I added some clear stickles to the eyes, nose, and mouth for a little more added dimension.

I added the sentiment "Take time for Tea" to Presleys Curls by Judy Stark  and used the print and cut feature to print the sentiment out with my printer. Then using stickles, I added some glitter to the curls. With a green ribbon, I threaded it through the top and bottom of the cut file to attach it to the card

The tea bag gift box took a little more time while working with Funtime.  I took the border of the teapot and copied it so that I had 2 (this will create the front and the back of the gift box.  With the welding tool in Funtime, I attached one of the teapots to each side of the bottom of the box I created and welded them all together.  I added some kiss cut lines to where I wanted the gift box to fold and voila!!  My gift box is completed and now all I had to do was decorate it.

After cutting out the teapot and the lid, I added a small piece of yellow paper behind the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Then I added some clear stickles to the eyes, nose, and mouth to give it some more dimension.  The green ribbon at the top holds the gift box together until you're ready for some tea!!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Ideas by Scrapcuts by Judy


Perfect card to have sitting out on your table, desk or classroom.  Pattern available at 

I designed the spider web awning to use during the Halloween season.  Again, basic card pattern with an open top box added to the bottom, a top and window cut out.  I stamped the Halloween sentiment. 
Easy to make and fun.  Halloween is in the air....

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Judy Stark

Quick and Easy Halloween Flowers

The Halloween flower is very easy to make using the thick Mulberry black paper. I cut the flowers   using the same settings as you would for light weight chipboard. Be sure to use a clean slightly sticky mat and just wash your mat in warm water after cutting.  The pumpkin and flourish added are plastic stickers I added to the flower. Add a bow and some glitter and your done!

                      Witch Marci Halloween Step Card

I love doing Halloween projects and cards, and using vibrant colors again. Let's not forget the glitter!!    With this card, I used one of my favorite stamps, "Witch Marci" by LaLa Land Stamps. I colored Marci with my Copics and then attached everything into place and glued.  The parking sign was a premade stick on I had already.  Enjoy!

Halloween Layout

The ghost, chair and tree plus many other Halloween files are available at 
digital cutting files come in a SVG, jpeg, WPC, AI, PDF and GSD files!!
Trick or Treat Boxes
I used the spider web with spider, Popcut bat and Tomb tag .  
These are perfect to add mints and candies that might otherwise need a bag or wrap. Everyone likes candy corn etc. and these are perfect for them!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Book & Stand Card

                 Happy 80th Birthday to you Dorothy!
  I used Bazzil paper among other brands and never had to encrease my force past 65 setting.  All done in one ( 1 ) pass. I used the 60 degree detail blade since this file is VERY   intricate.

The card file is designed by Tina Finch UK and the butterfly is "Ruffles Popcut" available at 

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Judy Stark


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Halloween 12 " Rosette

Happy Halloween 12 " Rosette
Paper used is K&Company and I cut it on a speed of 600 and force of 50.  Easy peasy as they say!  I cut my Scrapcuts by Judy design Witch on Broom design using chipboard.

I cut the witch in black cardstock and covered the chipboard piece.  The rosette above is 2.75 inches.

My first cuts!!  Notice how nice everything cut and moved off of my mat.  Butterfly on left is .75 inches!!!  My doily file was 3 inches.  Just so pleased......

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Judy Stark