Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presley Goes Hollywood Layout by Judy Stark

                    Presley Goes Hollywood Layout by Judy Stark

  Presley and her Mom flew from Orlando to L.A. last month and between us, Presley was better traveling than her Mom, Kimberly!  They had turbulants on the return flight that were quite intense at times. My daughter Kimberly spent her time instant messaging me "When is this going to end? Am I going to die?? etc. Presley proceded to put her hands up in the air as she would on a roller coaster saying ,"Whoa.. that was rocky!!." So, some of the other passengers decided to do as Presley while Kimberly fell to pieces!

On to my layout....  I wanted this to be a fun type layout and decided to design my own background paper first.  After printing it, I was ready to put my Bosskut Gazelle to work. I used the lattice frame and cut those to size. I also cut the card band file. I then designed the titles in my Funtime program and print and cut those.  I imported my jpg of the LaLaLand Traveling Marci into my Funtime and used the personal path method to import Presley's luggage pattern onto the stamp.

To finish up, I added ribbons, some glitter and stamped.  I feel I kept this fun and as you can see, Presley decided she was a Rock Star and Movie Star!!

Judy Stark-

Saturday, May 26, 2012

See You Soon Card by Judy Stark

                                              See You Soon Card by Judy Stark

 Happy Memorial Day to everyone.  Today, I wanted to make a card quickly for a friend who is visiting me soon.  I felt like a child again making this card, as it reminded me of the "Paper Dolls" phase I went through when young !!!  Seniors can have paper dolls too. Right???

  I used LaLaLand's digital "Traveling Marci" stamp. I then took my stamp/colored image and glued to the outer frame I already cut and to my card front. I added a ribbon and a little glitter to the title and I am done!
  So basically, I imported a copy of the paper I wanted to co-ordinate Marci's accessories with.  My paper used is from designer Susan Winget at K&Company.  I use the Funtime scheme selector feature all of the time for print and cuts. This tool imports all of the colors of your paper into the color bar with just a click of the button!  After I imported the printed parts onto Marci, I was then able to use my color bar to add the solid pieces.  I then added my title and printed my frame.  All I needed to do then is color the face,hair,bow and skin.  Super fast and I can save this and print anytime again.  I like to add a little shading to the printed image to give it some dimension.
I hope you enjoyed reading about this technique as much as I did using it!
Judy Tesla Stark-


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation from Pre-K Layout by Judy Stark

                    Graduation from Pre-K Layout -  by Judy Tesla Stark

  Graduation time is upon us!  Cash is officially a "Little Man" now as he leaves Pre-K to enter Kindergarten next year. So congratulations and Grandma actually got your special page done in time!
   After selecting my colors and papers for this layout, I cut the frames. The fun begins!

 I really enjoy coloring stamps to use for my projects!  This is one of the newly released LaLaLand stamps Graduation Luka.  

I then cut my Bookworm file and the clipboard using my Gazelle.

 Files : Book Worm by Olivia Myers  and  Clip Board by Olivia Myers  .  I used the clipboard pattern for my largest frame. 
 After placing and assembling my pieces, I added ribbon for the trim. 

Judy Stark-  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HIP KID Layout by Judy Stark

Time for me to catch up with my monthly layouts and am I ever behind! 

I started with cutting my mats for my layout using my Bosskut Gazelle.  I then used the text feature and added a star between my words and welded these together.  I cut my title and now ready to put the layout together.  I used and colored a freebee digital stamp offered by Anne F. a few months ago on the "Outlawz Group" and a LaLaland Cowboy Luka stamp.  I then added ribbon, my grandson's name, the date and I am done!  A basic layout I am sure my grandson will enjoy sharing with his children one day.

Judy Tesla Stark