Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Shower Banner

                                               Baby Shower Banner by Judy Stark

 At last!  A few, free time days to design some files and scrapbook. With a large family and what seems like endless celebrations, I decided to design a banner file.
 I cut this using my Bosskut Gazelle, the 4 back pieces measuring 6 inches wide at the top. I used reversible cardstock and used 2 full sheets. I then cut the inner frames, reducing to size around 5 inches at the top. My letter used are 2 inches tall and used cardstock.

I chalked around my inner frames, placed and applied these to each piece using two way tape. I added my letters using 2 way tape also. The brands I use are Copic and Sookwang. Now to assemble!

I folded the top back at the kiss cut line and placed my cord across the four banner pieces. I only used a 3 inch strip of tape in the middle of each piece as these  are light weight. Then I added ribbon.  you can have your banner ready to hang!!


Sneak preview of other designs coming soon !

                                    Judy Stark- Bosskut Design Team