Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is something I made for my granddaughter "Presley". She loves to write!  The vinyl chalkboard Princess Mirror. Pattern available at
  This post originally was published last Christmas but we get so many requests for this, I decided to post again.  

What Princess ever leaves her home without a mirror? I made this 2 sided chalkboard mirror for her to have when she is not at home. I cut this using .20 chipboard and covered with my cardstock. The solid side of her mirror is made using BK glitter cardstock. My settings used for my Gazelle were: 3 force and 25 knife offset. 1 pass!! In the handle of my mirror, I added 2 jumbo paper clips to give it some additional strength. I used 2 way adhesive tape to apply the clips. Below some other variations I made.  Enjoy!

The one above was for her 30 year old Mother. (my Daughter)  Never to old I guess?

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