Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Christmas Ornaments


The first ornament (with the tree) is a frame from Boss Kut Flourish and Framette CD. I highly recommend this Design CD as the patterns can be used for multiple projects! The Christmas tree is design # 0868D. Rhinestones also purchased at Boss Kut.

Tree Ornament: I cut the outline frame using Clear Craft Plastic .020 wgt. . I set my knife offset to 40, force at 5 and used my deep cutting blade. I cut 3 passes. I then used BK Gold Glitter paper to cut the frame/background. The tree is chipboard with sookwang tape and Basil glitter. I added embossing glue to the tree and sprinkled more glitter on it for added dimension. I then chalked out the outer frame using the gold metallic liquid Chalk Ink pen I ordered from Bosskut.

I like the .020 wgt plastic sheet for tree ornaments, but also used the .007 wgt.plastic for my stocking and snowman. You don’t need the added weight for cards and Gazelle cuts .007 at Force 3 , and one pass. The size of the ornaments are 3.5" by 3".

Adding the glitter paper gives it plenty of additional weight. The snowman and stocking are also BK patterns.


Judy Stark  - Bosskut Design Team

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