Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heritage Bedtime Castle

                                                 Heritage Bedtime Castle  


You may think this isn't a traditional gift for a baby, but it is!  Just bear with me.  This design is offered by Svgcuts.com   and the name of the file is " Bedtime Castle."  I hesitated to make this at first, as I thought it would take me years, but it was basically finished within a day.  

 Castle - 14.5" tall
Paper I used is Graphic 45 "Mother Goose"

I don't know about any of you, but I personally was not interested in my heritage until I was 50 years old.  I did remember a few family stories shared with me, but not enough information to pass on.  So in my spare time, I researched our family roots.  I just know by the time I am finished; there will be an app to scan your eyes and DNA using your phone and tell you immediately your family history ! UGH

Castle with lid removed

In the picture above, we moved the smaller towers lid section, which is covering a hidden box.   I am making a small sized family history book and will place it inside the castle box.  I will include pictures also of our Ancestors and notes.  This way my Grand-daughter will have the information needed and wanted to share with her children.   

Back View
     The vibrant colors represent the countries of our Ancestry. 

Front View

Again, this design is offered by Svgcuts.com   and the name of the file is " Bedtime Castle."  

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Judy Tesla- Stark


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