Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Card & Hat Box

  Birthday gifts and ideas get a little harder when that child is now an adult.  I liked this card file from svgcuts and decided to make it using a modern color palette.

All I needed to add to my card was some rhinestones.  Very easy card to make!  

One thing I enjoy doing is re-purposing an item.  You can find these laminated wood boxes all over in local stores or garage sales.  I have made many cardstock hat boxes but for the same price, I can buy a wooden one and decorate.  And it will last longer. :) 

First, I measured the width across of the box top.  I drew a circle that size within my software and cut it out.  I also drew a 11 inch rectangle in length, 1 inch in width and cut for my ribbon.  I used faux pearls with my ribbon.  Paper used is Graphic 45 Couture.

I covered the top of the box using a glue gun as our humidity in Florida is pretty high.  Be careful not to use a lot of hot glue as you will have chunks of glue when dried.  I use small amounts at a time and smooth flat before it dries.  

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Judy Tesla Stark

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