Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Magnets / Sensory Processing Disorder

 You are probably thinking, what a strange title for these magnets? But, I promise you it will all make sense!
                            Sensory Processing Disorder 

 We receive and perceive sensory input through sights, sounds, touch, tastes, smells, movement, balance, body position and muscle control.  Many children who have been diagnosed with Asperger's or Autism, have some level of this disorder.  For further information: 

Take some time to explore this site for more of these “behaviors” and to find the reasons why this apparent “chaos” actually makes perfect sense. Through this site, you will finally begin to understand - or further understand, why your child does the things he/she does.  Sensory Integration Disorder is a neurological disorder.

                  Presley's Parents, brother, Aunts and cousins walking for Autism Speaks.
                                        Orlando, FL  11/20/2012

Presley my grand daughter, should have material which is not smooth so she can feel the textures.  Feeling textures builds up /stimulates her touch sensors.  If you have or know of children with this disorder/Autism, this makes a great gift for them!! Check with their parents first, as they may be hypersensitive to textures.

Using my Bosskut Gazelle machine, I cut thick magnet vinyl.  Betsey, a Gazelle owner on our forum, suggested buying magnetic air vent covers from your local hardware store.
These are thicker than regular magnet material and my Gazelle cut it without a problem!!  Materials used was faux football vinyl, thick mulberry paper, and glitter paper.  A word about the glitter paper I used; it is covered with a sealant and doesn't flake. This paper is gorgeous and cuts well!  All the materials used are textured and Presley will love playing with these, feeling them and hopefully not eat them!   Further directions available on the Fall Pumpkin post from last month.

Happy Holidays!   Judy Tesla- Stark   "Proud Grandmother" of Miss Presley!!!  


  1. What a fabulous idea! Thank you for the information as well, VERY helpful.

  2. Great idea on using the vent covers. Of course, Miss Gazzy cut it perfectly! Glad to see everyone come out and support such a beautiful little girl! Miss hearing about her. ^__^