Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Presley

                      Happy 4th Birthday to you Presley!

How I love being your GrandmotherXXXOOO  We celebrated with a LaLaLoopsy party theme.  LaLaLoopsy is one of Presley's favorite rag doll.

My daughter Kimberly made a lot of the party accents and taught me a few tricks!  The new word I learned?  Repurposed items.  What a great idea.

She put together a background behind the cake table. 
The items repurposed were the candy jars, cake stand, frame and cups.

She glued buttons onto the front of the cups and then found an ornate frame at a local thrift shop, painted it blue and put an enlarged party invitation in it.

Cake stand: Kimberly took a flower pot, turned in upside down and painted it.
She then glued a plate onto the top of the flower pot and now has a coordinated cake stand.

The candy jars are empty jars with the lids painted, knobs added and a sticker on front! The kids loved this and great to store loose type candies.

  On to the serving table!  Kimberly made another cake stand using a single wooden candlestick holder.
She painted it and glued the plate onto the top.  Later it had cupcakes on it. So cute!

She also used empty tin cans for the vegetables.  Added bows and had a "Veggies" place card in front of it.  This really set off her party theme!

The party was a success and Presley had a great birthday.  In the photo above, she is thanking her guests and bowing after thanking them.  What a ham!!  I hope you enjoyed this blog and next party, repurpose some of your items.

Judy Tesla- Stark

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