Sunday, August 12, 2012

CD Folder Tag Book

CD Folder Tag Book by Judy Tesla Stark

I believe every family has at least one person who loves to research Genealogy. I had a Great Aunt who took the time to save me newspaper clippings and share her stories of our family. Being in my 30's at the time, I guess I should have listened more closely and appreciated her time more? I realize this now as I am trying to keep our family history organized.

Six months ago, I was with one of my daughter's and her daughter at the children’s hospital. The Doctor asked about our family heritage in reference to where our great grandparents were born, what country etc. I was quite surprised I was being asked and more so that my answers needed to be correct for her diagnosis. So… it is not only important you know what caused a death but also where did your family come from.

Making this type of family book is perfect for you to share with your children and siblings. Hopefully, it will exist in your family for hundreds of years.

I designed and then cut the cd folder using my Bosskut Gazelle.  On the left side of the above photo: I added the Bosskut design Leaves # 0698 and attached a golden string ribbon.  For the right side: I cut 3 tags and a Bosskut card band lace # BKD093.  

I chalked all of my paper embellishments, added the 2 pearls and applied the bronze charm onto the card band. 

Each of my tags in the folder section can hold 4 - 3 inch by 3.5 inch photo's!  I can also add journaling.
 A total of 15 photographs and I will also add a CD in the CD holder section on the left side!  There are many free websites to start your research in Genealogy.  I plan to burn a cd with all of our family tree information.

Judy Tesla Stark  - Bosskut Design Team


  1. You're very creative! Thanks for the share.

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  2. Awesome Judy I really love this. It is just beautiful. You have such a way with papers and colors soooo creative.