Monday, April 4, 2016

Working with Paper Crafts,Vinyl and a Shadow Box

  I am having such a great time using shadow boxes, svg files, cardstock & vinyl!  It takes me to an earlier time of my life, playing with a playhouse etc.  I do mean, WAY BACK!  I craft almost daily and many times I give away my completed items.  I have to or plan on the clean-up crew of the Hoarders show arriving here!  LOL  To preserve my work and enjoy it, the shadow box seems perfect!  The boxes above are 5" by 7" and 2.75" thick.  I bought these at my local Michael's store while on sale at 50% off.  Around $5.00 each and the brand is Studio -Decor.  VERY nicely made and secure.  They also include a Velcro strip to attach items inside to the back mat.  I also made one for my Grand-daughter for my G/Grandson, Liam.  (see below)
                             My Grand-daughter  can always change the items inside very easily.

The SVG Kit used is Wet & Wild designed by Svgcuts.Com  

I reduced the size of the kit files by 45% .  I imported all of the files and selected ALL in my cutting software program.  Then I reduced all of them at the same time.  After cutting everything with my Silver Bullet cutting machine, I did the assembly.  Putting the Sandcastle together was very easy to do.  after everything was finished, I added glass beads into castle for weight and around the castle.  You could also buy small shells and add those but I would recommend a larger frame.  I decided what I wanted to cut for the title in vinyl and applied "Dream" to the front glass.  

I then added a string of battery operated lights into the castle and LOVE the effect! 
To me, this would make a great gift for someone!  Housewarming?

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Have a great week!
Judy Tesla Stark

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