Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Butterfly Doily Card by Judy S

Time to make some extra cards to keep on hand.  I like to make a few for last minute "I need a card" celebrations or events. Using doily designs are very popular now with card makers and so convenient to put a card together quickly. Make a few, put away until needed and stamp, write or use the fabulous pen feature on your Bosskut Gazelle to write the sentiment inside.
For this card, I used the Butterfly Doily and Popcut Ruffles Butterfly 
I cut the doily, butterflies, mat and card. I used the heavy weight Bazzil cardstock for everything except the doily. 
After gluing the diecuts to my card , I then added a few rhinestones, pearls and added a ribbon. Done!!


   Judy Stark - 






  1. Judy this is stunning, you always make the prettiest cards and projects.

    Hugs, Lori m

  2. That is just beautiful Judy!!

  3. Hi, I can not imagine how it can be cut to Gazelle. My Gazelle tearing paper, paper me and turns my projects in the trash: (
    Beautiful in your projects, but refuses to cut Gazelle: (

  4. Anairda,
    Have you joined the bosskut owners forum yet? We have a lot of information and online help in the forum. I am just guessing your problem is the blade. Either it is broken or extended to much. Use a magnify glass and examine the tip of your blade. If it is pointed, then you are fine. Next, DECREASE the amount of blade showing. Most of the time if too long, it tears and drags when cutting. You only need very little to show from holder. If your mat is sticky,blade not chipped, then 99% of the time it is your blade to long. We have many video's and pictures on the forum. Please write again if you need more help. Your Gazelle can cut even the most delicate designs without a problem. I cut most of my cardstock on 2 force and 15 knife offset. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Judy Tesla Stark