Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burnished Glitter Technique Presley's Way

Meet my youngest Grand-Daughter Presley, an energetic 4 year old.  Last night was quality one on one time with her and the evening of crafting together was well I thought.  I had several cut outs, print-n-cuts ready and I thought we would make cards and decorate gift boxes.  Sounds like fun to me!  Well.... this idea went over like a lead balloon and she had ONE thing on her mind:        GLITTER.  LOTS OF GLITTER! 

 I decided to add Sookwang 2 way tape as I don't like Presley using glue yet.  I covered 80% of my 12x12 Bazzil paper.  Sookwang tape can be a problem cutting as it has a pretty thick covering. 

We are now ready for the glitter.   I lined up her glitter bottles and went through the routine of explaining you gently tap the glitter needed and rub it softly onto the tape.  Just who am I kidding?
Presley says," Grandma, we need extra glitter so it will sparkle more and be so beautiful."  And her tap technique was the whole bottle!  She says you don't leave out pieces this way...hmm she might have something there?
Yes, that is a 1.5 inch snowflake under that glitter.  She enjoyed the rubbing gently part of the process.  Yes, I did pour all back into the jars/bottles for next time. 
Presley's Burnished Glitter Technique directions:
Cut designs with 2 way adhesive tape applied to paper.
Use whole bottle of glitter for extra shine!
Rub glitter gently for minutes :)  
Keep smiling at Grandma

            This picture says it all.  We have made more memories!  

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  1. Aww so cute! She lives working with gramma