Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making your own Cardboard Embellishments

  Time to get our holiday cards,tags, gifts and scrapbook layouts ready!!  Yes, it is that time of year again already.  One of the things I do yearly to get a start, is make cardboard embellishments of some of my holiday favorite designs.  Great to have on hand for a quick "need to have one" project.  Project is very easy and quick to complete.

Supplies:     Photo paper
                 2 way adhesive tape


First;  I printed my Print n Cut on glossy photo paper. 

I then added my Sookwang double adhesive tape to the back of the photo paper. Leave the backing on until you are ready to apply to chipboard. 

You are now ready to cut with your machine and software program. 

After cutting your photo paper with your designs, you will now cut your chipboard outlines.  I used .030 chipboard and cut it oh, so easy!   The photo above shows on the top row:  Completed Print n Cuts with tape on the back of each one.   Bottom row:  Chipboard outline cuts.
Now you will peel the tape backing off and attach to your chipboard accordingly.  DONE! SIMPLE! 
Below are a few more of my designs I made.
  You can use your regular cardstock/printing paper for the prints but I really like the extra finish using the photo paper.  Using the chipboard adds dimension to your cuts.
  Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my Blog!  New designs being released this week, so please check back! 
Judy Stark -  Scrapcuts by Judy


  1. These look great Judy! I hadnt thought of printing embellishments on glossy photo paper - wonderful idea!

  2. Thank you Kenya & Gigi! Gigi, you will really like using the photo paper. I cut a lot of mine with the sookwang tape attached so all I need to do is pull the tape wrapper off of the embellishment and attach. Also good to do if you are giving them to someone. Again, thank you! Judy