Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spider Web Witch Window Card

Another spin off of an awning card type.  Perfect card to have sitting out on your table, desk or classroom.  Pattern available at

I designed the spider web awning to use during the Halloween season.  Again, basic card pattern with an open top box aded to the bottom, a top and window cut out.  I stamped the Halloween sentiment. 
   Easy to make and fun.  Halloween is in the air....

Have a good week and thank you for stopping by my blog.
Judy Stark


  1. My goodness Judy, you've been a very busy lady and everything is fabulous once again. With Halloween being such a favorite holiday of mine, these just gave me more ideas for decorations.

    Thank you for the inspiration, Hugs, Lori m

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  3. Thank you all! I am fairly new to blogging and slowly learning. (I hope) Thank you for taking the time to comment. Judy