Wednesday, October 13, 2010


                                                 CELERY CITY T-SHIRT AKA “ALICE”

The small town I have lived in most of my life, was once known as the "Celery Capital of the World". When you say Central Florida, most people think Disney and orange trees but Sanfordites say “Celery”. So I made this t-shirt for my sister in law as a gift and have to admit, gee... why didn’t I stick to an orange? Lol

Directions using basic vinyl are posted on my previous write up “Flower T-Shirt so please refer to that post. Materials used: T-Shirt, iron on vinyl and rhinestones. I used the green, white, black, red, metallic silver and glitter pink vinyl. I iron my layering pieces one at a time. Just like scrapbooking with glue but now you are ironing the pieces together. When using the gold or silver metallic, decrease iron setting first. The vinyl is a little thinner but wow, it’s beautiful! The cost factor for making this shirt was around $5. Remember, you are using a small amount of your vinyl at a time, not whole sheets. Example: Celery, Cupcake or Title.  I have to warn you: making your own t-shirts is addictive!!!

Judy Stark

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