Saturday, January 4, 2014

Etched Wine Glasses by Jamie G

Software: Funtime Scrapbooking IV
Materials: Oracal 631 vinyl, Amour Etch

This simple project was created as a gift.  I purchased a set of 4 white wine glasses, something I knew that she would like, and added a little personalization to them.

For the first one, I started with the sentiment, "Aged to Perfection."  I used the BlackJack true type font and welded the letters together in Funtime.  It's one of my favorite fonts to work with lately because I love the look of it when it's welded together.

The first names were typed in BlackJack true type font and again I welded the letters together in Funtime.

When I layered the initial and the name together it seemed as though the first name would be lost in the initial when they were etched together.  To get the first name to appear on top of the initial I started by creating an outline around the name.  Then in Funtime, I took the outline of the name and placed it where I wanted it to appear on the initial.

Make sure to first select the border of the name, right click, and then select To front.  This is important to make sure that you do because it is what will make the subtract function work the way we want for this application.

Once you have the name on top of the initial, select both and select the icon on the left of your screen to Subtract all selected objects to the first element.

Now if you go ahead a line up the name on top of the initial you will see a border around the name that goes through the initial.

When you're ready to cut the vinyl, make sure to cut all of it together.  That will make it easier and will keep the integrity of the design that you've just worked on!

Thanks for looking!!

Jamie Gillahan


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