Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Magnet Fall Card

                                     PUMPKIN MAGNET Fall Card

Supplies needed: Magnet back vinyl, adhesive, cardstock and ribbon. Since I used a dimensional plain color paper, I used my Copic markers to color.

I used files:  O’Hanna corners, oak leaf and maple leaf.

 I wanted the bubbles and designs to make my pumpkin more realistic so I used a non-porous paper with the bubbles and colored the backside. You want to use alcohol based markers or paint so the color won’t slide off.
You will need to cut the file twice. One using magnet vinyl and the other in cardstock to cover the magnet.

I colored the backside of this, which was white.  You can find these textured papers easily online or at your local scrapbook store.

I used thick mulberry paper for the leaf on the pumpkin. 

I then cut my corner leaves, title and O'Hanna Corner frames.  Note: Only glue the sides and bottom of the O'Hanna frames as you are using these for a pocket.  My pumpkin is 4.75 by 4 inches.  My card front 5.5 by 5.5 inches.


 After adding the ribbon, your card is completed!  You could also stamp a sentiment onto the pumpkin or use the pencil feature on your machine.  So hopefully, the card goes into a drawer and the magnet on a board or refrigerator.  Enjoy!   Judy Tesla Stark -

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