Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Halloween Banners

The Halloween Banner series are now available

  I made these using heavyweight cardstock, ribbons, chalk and added a few rhinestones. The banner pieces above are 11 inches in width each and 3 designs will make a nice size banner. Perfect to hang over an average 36" size window.  Average time per banner was around 30 minutes, even with a 6 year old helping me! 

 To assemble the pieces: I used my small hole punch and punched the holes out for my ribbons to go through.  You want your ribbon tied, but not to the point your banner can't move at all.  After I finished with my ribbons, I ran my cord through the back.  At each point where the ribbon is tied, put your cord through as you would if you were threading a needle.

  Below are close-ups of some of the designs used out of this series of eleven.

This banner comes with the die cut pieces needed to add to the shoes.  I added bows and rhinestones. 

I added rhinestones to the with hat trim and quickly chalked the broom for more dimension.  I pulled the main cord down so you can see what I used.

These diecuts can also be used for card overlays, cut with vinyl for party accessories 
or on your windows for decoration. 

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Judy Tesla Stark

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